Books have been reviewed 已评书籍

This page contains a list of books relating to China and the Chinese in comparative perspective that have been reviewed in the past three years.

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  • Muthiah Alagappa. ed. 2004. Civil Society and Political Change in Asia:Expanding and Contracting Democratic Space. Stanford: Stanford University Press. [Review article: Civil Society in Asia, by Tom Bannister p9-11, Volume 1]
  • Joseph C.H. Chai and Kartik C. Roy. 2006. Economic Reform in China and India: Development Experience in a Comparative Perspective. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing [Review article by Yingyao Wang p11-14, Volume 1] 
  • Arnoldo De Leon. 2002. Racial Frontiers: Africans, Chinese and Mexicans in Western America, 1848-1890. Albuquerque:University of New Mexico Press [ Reviewed by Laurent Bachmann, p25-26, Volume 2]
  • Mike Douglass, K.C. Ho and Giok Ling Ooi, eds. 2008. Globalization, The City and Civil Society in Pacific Asia: The Social Production of Civic Spaces. London, New York: Routledge. [reviewed in a Review article: Civil Society in Asia, By Tom Bannister p9-11, Volume 1]


  • Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, and Nan Li. Annapolis eds.,2010.China, the United States, and 21st-Century Sea Power: Defining a Maritime Security Partnership. Maryland: Naval Institute Press [Reviewed by Russ Glenn, p10-13, Volume 2]
  • Noel Gaston and Ahmed M.eds. 2010.Globalization and Economic Integration: Winners and Losers in the Asia-Pacific Khalid. Edward Elgar[ Reviewed by Amitendu Palit, p5-6 , Volume 2]
  • Bruce Gilley and Larry Diamond, ed. 2008. Political Change in China: Comparisons with Taiwan. Boulder, CO, and London: Lynne Rienner [Reviewed by Hung-jen Wang p1-2; Ting Luo p2-5, Volume 1]
  • Amy Hanser. 2008. Service Encounters: Class, Gender and the Market for Social Distinction in Urban China. Stanford, Calif: Stanford University Press [Reviewed by Yang Zhan, p15-16, Volume 1]
  • Niv Horseh.2009. Shanghai’s Bund and Beyond: British Banks, Banknote Issuance, and Monetary Policy in China, 1842-1937.  New Haven, London: Yale University Press [ Reviewed by Jing Bian, p8-, Volume 2] 
  • Victoria Tin-bor Hui. 2005. War and State Formation in Ancient China and Early Modern Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [Reviewed by Hilde De Weerdt, p26-28 Volume 1]
  • Gyu-Jin Hwang, ed. 2011. New welfare state in East Asia: Global Challenges and Restructuring. Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, [Reviewed by Lei Zhang, p24-25 , Volume 2]


  • Sudipta Kaviraj and Sunil, eds.2001. Civil Society: History and Possibilities Khilnani. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [Reviewed by Emily Taylor,p9-12 , Volume 2]  
  • Scott Kennedy.ed.2011. Beyond the Middle Kingdom: Comparative Perspectives on China's Capitalist Transformation. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press [Reviewed by Lei Zhang, p13-15, Volume 2]
  • Tarun Khanna.2008. Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India are Reshaping their Futures and Ours. Boston MA.: Harvard Business School Press [Reviewed by Jørgen Delman p6-7; Karl Koch p7-8, Volume 1]
  • Ching Kwan Lee. 2007. Against the Law: Labor Protests in China's Rustbelt and Sunbelt. Berkeley: University of California Press [Reviewed by He Huang , p16-17, Volume 1]


  • Christopher Marsh. 2005. Unparalleled Reforms: China’s Rise, Russia’s Fall, and the Interdependence of Transition. Lanham. MD: Lexington Books [Reviewed by Tian Miao, p19-21 Volume 1]   
  • Errol P. Mendes and Sakunthala Srighanthan .eds. 2009. Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China: Chinese and Canadian Perspectives. Ottawa,Ontario: University of Ottawa Press [Reviewed by Lisa Fischler, p17-20 , Volume 2] 
  • Robert C. Neville., 2008. Ritual and Deference: Extending Chinese Philosophy in a Comparative Context. New York: State University of New York Press [Reviewed by Yu Hua, 29-31 Volume 1]
  • M.Özbilgin and J. Syed.eds. 2010.Managing Cultural Diversity in Asia: A Research Companion. Edward ElgarPublishing [Reviewed by Marola Padín Novas, p20-22 , Volume 2]


  • Poo Mu-Chou. 2005. Enemies of Civilization: Attitudes toward Foreigners in Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China. Albany: StateUniversity of New York Press[Reviewed by Huili Zheng,p3-4 , Volume 2]
  • Xiaoying Qi, Knowledge Flows and Chinese Social Theory. New York and Abingdon: Routledge, 2014. (Hbk) 260 pp. £85. [Review esay, by Martin Albrow, 1.1. JCCP]
  • Besant C. Raj. 2006. Unravelling the China Miracle: A Comparative Study with India. Book Surge Publishing [Reviewed by Benjamin Chemouni, p23- 24, Volume 1]
  • Walter Scheidel. eds. 2009. Rome and China: Comparative Perspectives on Ancient World Empires. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [Reviewed by John Ashbourne, p18-19, Volume 1] 
  • James F. Scotton and William A. Hachten.eds.2010. New Media for a New China. Maden and Oxford: Willey-Blackwell[ Reviewed by Falk Hartig, p6-8 , Volume 2]
  • S.A. Smith. 2008. Revolution and the People in Russia and China: A Comparative History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [Reviewed by Matthew Wills, p24-25, Volume 1]
  • Nicolas Standaert. 2008. The Interweaving of Rituals: Funerals in the Cultural Exchange Between China and Europe.  Seattle &London: University of Washington Press [Reviewed by Yu Hua,p15-17 , Volume 2]
  • Ann Laura Stoler, Carole McGranahan, and Peter C. Perdue. Santa Fe,eds. 2007. Imperial Formations. NM: School for Advanced Research Press [Reviewed by Lisa Fischler, p21-23 Volume 1]


  • Peter van der Veer and Hartmut Lehmann. eds. 1999. Nation and Religion: Perspectives on Europe and Asia. Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press [Reviewed by Yu Tao, p28-29 Volume 1]    
  • David Wu and Sidney Y.H. Cheung.eds.2002.The Globalization of Chinese Food.Honolulu, HI: University of Hawaii Press [Reviewed by Allen Chun, p1-3 , Volume 2]
  • Biao Xiang. 2007. Global "Body Shopping": An Indian International Labor System in the Information Technology Industry. Woodstock, Oxfordshire: PrincetonUniversity Press[Reviewed by Sancia Wai-San Wan, p22-24 , Volume 2]   












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