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Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP ISSN 2040-0837) is the only peer-reviewed academic dual language journal for social scientific, humanities and comparative studies of China in the world, published biannually in June and December in print and electronic versions by Global Century Press from 2015.

JCCP encourages contributors to put the material about China into comparative perspective in JCCP as much as they can. JCCP will not be simply about China - there are already several excellent China journals. It will be about looking at China from a comparative viewpoint as a player in broader patterns of development, ideas, movements, networks, and systems. Comparison includes taking China as a case study of a generally applicable theory, or drawing analytic conclusions from comparative data about China and some other country or context. The comparison may be regional or global, historical or contemporary, and it may involve a comparison of perceptions, China's perceptions of others and others' perceptions of China in the context of China's encounter with the outside world in the political, economic, military, and cultural sense.

JCCP invites contributions from scholars, professionals, and practitioners globally to submit an article in different forms below:

  1. JCCP publishes original multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary comparative research on China on a wide range of topics within the social and human sciences. It encourages debate, cooperation, or co-authorship on the same issue or theme from different disciplines (including politics, economics, international relations, history, sociology, anthropology, cultural psychology, methodology, among others). Its aim is to bring out the best in scholarship transcending traditional academic boundaries in an innovative manner.
  2. JCCP also accepts articles which make contrasts between China and non-China, Chinese people and non-Chinese people, or academic debates or dialogues between Chinese and non-Chinese.
  3. In addition to research articles, research reports, and commentaries, JCCP will also publish periodic symposia on selected topics, on particular areas of scholarship.
  4. The online journal Bijiao: China in Comparative Perspective Book Review (CCPBR, ISSN: 2045-0680) will be discontinued from 2015. JCCP set up columns of Review article and Book reviews for the in-depth review articles on particular areas of scholarship, and reviews of books of unusual quality and significance for the study of China in comparative perspective. 
  5. In order to promote a better understanding between China and world, the Chinese and non-Chinese people in the field of social sciences we set up an innovative column of 'Chinese language for social sciences' (for submission please visit the section for details).

JCCP is a strictly non-partisan publication and does not support or discriminate against any political, ideological or religious viewpoint. In accordance with standard academic practice, articles submitted for publication to JCCP are subjected to a rigorous process of blind peer review. Although conceived as an academic journal, the editorial policy is to ensure that articles that appear therein are of interest beyond the academic arena to both policy-makers as well as readers with a general interest in China-related themes.

Important: submissions should be consistent with the aims of the Journal. Please read our, guidance for contributors and examples of themes and topics carefully before submitting.

Deadline: 30 June 

Electronic submission:  





        《中国比较研究》(刊号 ISSN 2040-0837)是世界上唯一的用社会科学、人文科学和比较视野研究中国的匿名评审的和双语元素的学术期刊,于2015年起由全球世纪出版社每 年六月和十二月出版印刷版(ISSN 2040-0837)。 《中国比较研究》鼓励所有文章都尽可能与中国比较研究相关,它不仅只是有关中国——业内已有数份有关中国研究的优秀期刊。本刊旨在从比较视野观察中国,及 其于更广范围内之发展、 理念、运动、关系和制度。比较研究包括以中国为专题案例,适用于一般性的应用理论,或从有关中国及他国或范畴之比较数据得出分析性结论。该比较可区域、可 全球,可历史、可当代,亦可为视角性的比较——中国对他者之观察及中国在政治、经济、军事、文化领域与外界接触时,他者对中国之观察。


  1. 本 刊用于发表对当代中国进行多学科和跨学科比较研究之原创性论文,题目涵盖社会和人文科学诸多领域。本刊鼓励从不同学科的角度 (包括政治学、经济学、国际关系、历史、社会学、人类学、文化心理学及其它学科)对同一问题或专题进行辩论、合作或合著,旨在创新性地超越传统的学术界 限,以臻学问之佳境   
  2. 本刊也接受如下相关文章: 如中国与非中国之间的对比,中国人与非中国人之间的比较,以及他们之间的学术辩论或对话等
  3. 除研究论文、报告和评论之外,本刊亦刊登阶段性专题讨论组稿
  4. 对特定学术著作之深度评论,及有益于中国比较研究之高质量书评, 见:书评 
  5. 为了促进中国与华人与世界各国和非华人在社会科学领域里的深度理解,本刊增设创新性的'社科汉语'栏目,见:社科汉语

      无党派乃本刊无上宗旨。对任何政治、意识形态及宗教观点,本刊不党不伐,一以贯之。遵循标准学术实践要求,任何投递本刊之稿件须经严格之同行匿名评审。虽 为学术刊物,然本刊编辑之方针乃确保学术界内外都能对刊发文章产生兴趣,如决策层及对中国研究感兴趣之一般读者。


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