Journal of China in Comparative Perspective 

Vol. 3  Issue 1  June 2017


Editorial / Xiangqun Chang


The concept of civilization and the civilization of China /  Stephan Feuchtwang 

Five civilizations compared: China, Japan, Islam, Europe and the  Anglosphere / Alan Macfarlane

Civilization and its conceptualizations in ethnology, social anthropology  and sociology / Mingming Wang 

Commentaries Anthropology and the LSE’s links with India and China / Chris Fuller

Fei Xiaotong (Fei Hsiao-t’ung) at LSE and beyond /  Stephan Feuchtwang

Some thoughts on the differential self and Professor Fei Xiaotong  in October 2016 / Stephan Feuchtwang

Revisiting the morality of China in Africa / Stephen Chan


How can anthropology become directly involved in Eurasian studies? /  ZHANG Fan and Wang Mingming


Computational social sciences in China / Jiaojiang Luo

Book reviews

Rome and China: comparative perspectives on ancient world empires /  Reviewed by John Ashbourne 

Politics and religion in ancient and medieval Europe and China /  Reviewed by Lik Hang Tsui

Enemies of civilization: attitudes toward foreigners in ancient  Mesopotamia, Egypt and China / Reviewed by Huili Zheng 

War and state formation in ancient China and early modern Europe /  Reviewed by Hilde De Weerdt 

After the event: the transmission of grievous loss in Germany,  China and Taiwan / First review by Martin Albrow; second review  by Sascha Klotzbücher 

Notes for contributor


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