Journal of China in Comparative Perspective 

Volume 4 December 2018


Editorial / Xiangqun Chang 10-11


‘Not a club for ethical culture’: early writings on the stock exchange by Max Weber, Liang Qichao and Kang Youwei / Bryna Goodman 12-23
The West in the East: Max Weber’s nightmare in ‘post-modern’ China / Don S. Zang 24-40 
A comparative study of modern Chinese political history, 1926–1992: examining the nationalist, Maoist, and Dengist forms of state-society relations / Kuang-Hao Hou 41-62

Are climate policies in China and India responsive to demographic changes? / Amitendu Palit 63-78
Russian and Chinese migrants in the UK from a comparative perspective / Esuna Dugarova 79-99


From CASS to CACSS: Corpus Approaches to Chinese Social Sciences / Yufang Qian 100-104

Review essay 

A corpus-based analysis in comparison of popular views in China and the UK on terrorism before and after 9/11 / HUANG Xiaoqin 105-109

Book reviews 110-117

China and the West: encounters with the Other in culture, arts, politics and everyday life / Reviewed by Guo Diandian 110-112
Managing cultural diversity in Asia: a research companion / Reviewed by Marola Padín Novas 112-114
Legal reforms in China and Vietnam: a comparison of Asian communist regimes / Reviewed by Kristie Thomas 114-117

Notes for contributors




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